When The Walking Dead cast isn’t filming, they’re saving people from car crashes

Someone in Peachtree City, Georgia, had a very interesting day. The Walking Dead actors Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun witnessed a car accident near their film set and called the police. How’s that for a silver lining?

TMZ reports that the injuries were fairly minor, but the actors waited for paramedics to arrive nonetheless.

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For The Walking Dead fans, Reedus and Yeun’s good deeds could also mean a major spoiler alert for the show. When we last left their characters Daryl and Glen, it was unclear whether they would make it to next season. Spotting Reedus and Yeun on set is a fantastic sign… unless they’re shooting flashbacks. As Entertainment Weekly asks: Does this mean Daryl and Glen are alive? Ironically, Reedus and Yeun’s help in saving a life could mean spoiling their characters’ lives on the show. Whoops!

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According to local Georgia news channel WTOC, Reedus was acting like a true gentleman. “It looked like he was trying to help everybody, kind of calm everybody,” said onlooker Mikail Turan. “It took me about five to 10 seconds to take these pictures and then the cops came, and I’m sure after that, probably, they took off.” Just another day in the life of a TV star-slash-local hero.

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