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Why Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s very exclusive baby shower wasn’t unusual

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Behold, the rituals of a family in crisis. On this Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine throws a super pregnant Robyn a baby shower, in spite of the fact that everyone in the family is totally miserable. It’s not clear whether or not Christine actually does this of her own volition (although Kody thinks she’s just great for doing it) or if the producers were behind it, but either way, the shower contains a very particular group of people.

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If you were interested in infiltrating the inner circle of Sister Wives via a baby shower, you might want to give up on your dream right now, because as Meri explains in a clip, the guest list for this event is made up exclusively of people who attend the Browns’ church. Says Meri, “A lot of times, people will have two baby showers — one for their church group and people who know their family structure, and one for outside people who really don’t know anything, and just know them as a person who’s having a baby.”

Robyn also reflects on having people who are comfortable with the Browns and their lifestyle at the shower, saying that the fact that the guests who attended are “all very easy and comfortable with us. That’s amazing.” The Browns have effectively gone public with the show, though, so why not invite people from outside the church? I guess if there’s one place you don’t want to have to explain your life and address potential gawkers, it’s your baby shower, where you might have to endure many other injustices, such as being forced to participate in finding chocolate in a diaper. There seems to be just one game at Robyn’s shower, or at least one that was filmed, and that involves the guests drawing a picture of a pregnant Robyn. The trick is that they have to draw her on a paper plate placed on top of their heads.

You’ll have to tune in to Sunday’s episode to see the whole shower, including who Robyn chooses as the winner of the pregnant portrait contest, and of course, where Kody and the Brown gentlemen fled to during the shower, because you know they’re not sticking around for it.

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What do you think about the exclusive nature of Robyn’s baby shower? Tell us in the comments.

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