Sister Wives‘ Meri’s in relationship counseling, but not with Kody Brown

The Sister Wives are putting family first.

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In a sneak-peek video for Sunday’s episode, we learn that Meri and Janelle Brown, who have been at odds with each other for some time, are taking a huge step toward repairing their broken relationship: They’re in therapy together.

“I’m totally excited they’re going to go into therapy together,” Christine Brown says in the clip. “For them, it’s really exciting. It’s good. It’s a big, huge, scary step. It really is.”

She continues, “There are so many relationships. When one is off, it really is off. It really makes everything off.”

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Meri has been at the center of the catfishing scandal that’s been rocking the family for nearly a year. It’s created plenty of tension, and Janelle seems to have more problems with Meri than do some of the other wives. The video shows the pair meeting with family counselor Nancy Hunterton, who asks them to do some role reversal in an attempt to get to the bottom of what’s creating so much bad blood between them.

Acting as Meri, Janelle says, “When I want to talk about something and you just shut down, I just think that you’re not interested in what I have to say or you’re not paying attention to me, because you just sit there.”

She continues, “You just sit there and you just blow me off. I really want to work this out, I really want to talk about these things but you’re not even talking, you’re not even willing to address it. You check out.”

Meri is quick to acknowledge that Janelle has it exactly right.

“I get really frustrated when she does and my wall will go right up,” she says. “It’s like, fine. I’m done.”

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