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Meghan Trainor’s fall on The Tonight Show is far worse than all of JLaw’s combined

When you think of a female celeb who has a hard time staying upright on her feet, even money says Jennifer Lawrence comes to mind. The Oscar winner has an amazing history of falling down in public, usually in a super fancy dress at a super fancy event (that time she totally ate it on the stairs on her way to accept her Academy Award, amirite?).

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But move over, JLaw. There’s a new faller in town, and her epic tumble is better than all of Lawrence’s combined: Meghan Trainor.

Trainor was performing her new single, “Me Too,” on The Tonight Show when it happened. She made it all the way through the song, including a truly impressive dance break in her giant heels. But as the last notes faded away and Trainor gripped the mic stand at the end of her performance, the first wobble came. We couldn’t tear our eyes away as we watched the all-to-familiar ankle wobble that we know when combined with stiletto heels is preceding an epic fall. And fall Trainor did.

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In the video, you can hear her let out a little scream as she hits the floor, taking the microphone with her. It’s glorious. If you want to watch it all day, we won’t judge you.

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But what’s even better is how The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon handles it. Instead of poking fun during Trainor’s hilariously embarrassing moment, he gets down on the floor with her. They lay there together as they talk about her new album. Classy move, Fallon. Check it out below (and watch Trainor’s performance, too, because it is ah-mazing):
Every lady we know has a story about taking an epic fall in a pair of heels. Kudos to you for doing it (somewhat) gracefully, Meghan.

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