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Even Rob Kardashian is getting involved in Tyga and Kylie’s breakup

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have called it quits, and according to the reports about their split, this time it’s going to be for good. But momager Kris Jenner is stepping up to the plate and coming to her youngest child’s rescue.

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A report from Hollywood Life claims that Kris wants Kylie to move back home for a while because she’s worried about her being heartbroken and alone.

“Kris thinks Kylie needs to take a major break from Tyga. She’s suggested that Kylie unplug for a while and come stay with her at her house. She’s worried about her and doesn’t think she should be alone right now,” an insider told the publication.

Shortly after the news that Kylie and Tyga split, Kylie shared with fans via Snapchat that she had returned to her family home — and this is reportedly exactly what Kris wants.

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“She wants to baby her, cook for her and make sure she’s getting plenty of love and support right now,” the insider added. “Plus if Kylie is staying with Kris, there’s less of a chance of her seeing Tyga. Kris really wants Kylie to have her space from him right now and collect her thoughts.”

There’s no word on what exactly caused the breakup, but the Kardashians seem to be pretty angry with Tyga, because according to the publication, Rob Kardashian (who is now engaged to Tyga’s ex and baby mama, Blac Chyna) has warned the rapper to keep away from his sister.

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“Rob doesn’t want Tyga bombarding his sister with phone calls, showing up at her house, sending her gifts, none of that. He’s explained to Tyga that Kylie needs time to be alone and to breathe,” a source told Hollywood Life. And Rob has apparently even demanded that “Tyga respect his wishes.”

Well, at least the Kardashians are rallying around Kylie and showing her their support. While the family may make a lot of controversial decisions, you can never say that they aren’t a close-knit family.

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