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If you don’t like Paris Jackson’s piercings it’s time to look away

Paris Jackson is all grown up, and she ensured that fans would no longer have doubts about her being a kid when she debuted her new tongue piercing.

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Jackson shared a photo of herself with a pasta loop surrounding her tongue ring. She captioned the image with, “Almost like ring-toss. But with noodles and needles.”

Ever since she turned 18, Jackson has been in and out of Los Angeles’ Timeless Tattoo & Body Piercing, and she’s pleased with the handiwork of body piercer Chris Saint, but unfortunately, a lot of her fans are not as thrilled.

Comments on the picture have been pretty negative, with remarks like “Not more please” and “love you but stop doing all this tattoo stuff just to fit in.”

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Jdohertyswa4 also weighed in on Jackson’s piercing, writing, “paris quit the piercings and other self destructing things to your body, try and be your true self without all the costumes….” before adding a second comment, “Go out and make a change, help others, you have the means. Quit the silly self mutilations, listen to your dads lyrics….”

Thepottersbizniz was also pretty harsh, commenting, “Oh well, all of this looks like wasting your life.”

“Woah, I’m not judging her, I actually really can’t say love her cuz I don’t know her but let’s say like her as a person, but I feel like she has gone completely mad with the tattoos and piers and all,” _redhead_99 shared.

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We get it: Tattoos and piercings are not for everyone, but what they are is a means of self-expression, and no one should ever be told that they have to change who they are to simply fit in with society’s traditional standards of beauty, now should they?

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Paris Jackson slideshow
Image: Paris Jackson/Instagram

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