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Grey’s Anatomy: Seriously, though, why won’t Jo marry Alex?

If you need a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor after this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you’re in good company — I’m still in shock myself. So before we go into the specifics that left us all reeling, be forewarned that the following article contains spoilers.

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If you did tune into this week’s penultimate episode of Season 12, you undoubtedly know that it didn’t just end with one explosive moment. There were, like, five.

First, Callie broke up with Penny. Then, Stephanie’s adorable rock-star boyfriend died in Amelia’s OR. Meredith apparently had angry sex with Riggs (yes, Riggs!) in the back of her SUV. While that naughtiness was transpiring, Amelia proposed to Owen.

But perhaps the biggest shocker of all came when Alex gave Jo an ultimatum. She didn’t have to give him a date, but she did have to give him an answer: Would she marry him?

Inexplicably, she replied, “I’m so sorry, but no.” To which all the fans obviously responded: 

Grey's Anatomy
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Don’t go hating Camilla Luddington, though.

She is very well aware how ludicrous her character’s repeated rebuffs of Alex’s proposal actually are. During a recent interview with, Luddington revealed, “When Justin and I rehearsed, because he’s proposed twice now, I always say ‘yes.’ I always screw up the take and I’m like, ‘Yes!’ And they’re like, ‘No.’ ‘Cause he’s just so cute. How can you not say ‘yes’ to Justin Chambers?”

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Our thoughts exactly, sistah. So why did Jo say no? After all, she and Alex have certainly seemed to grow closer and be getting along pretty great since the last time she turned him down.

It just doesn’t make any sense. But it looks like we won’t have to wonder for long, judging by Luddington’s latest tweet.

Luddington also hinted to Variety that there would be some closure in next week’s finale, explaining “there has to be a reason for her saying no” and “it’s something that does not get glossed over.”

Naturally, fans are coming to that conclusion as well. Aside from everyone’s instinctual reaction being something alone the lines of…

Grey's Anatomy
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… fans have already started hypothesizing about why exactly Jo refuses to marry Alex. Here are a few of the particularly intriguing theories.

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1. She is married
This, by far, appears to be the most popular theory. And it kind of makes sense, right? Jo didn’t say she didn’t want to marry Alex or that she wouldn’t — she said she couldn’t. If you happen to be a Bones fan too, this likely reminds you of a similar snafu between Angela and Hodgins back in Season 2.

2. She had (or is having) an affair

Yikes, this would be the worst. I honestly don’t peg Jo as the adulterous type but, hey, it’s not like people advertise the skeletons in their closet. Alex would definitely be heartbroken by this.

3. She’s knocked up

Hmm, I kind of forgot about this arc. What ever happened with that? If you’ll recall, she seemed to have a pregnancy scare back at the beginning of the season and was grilling Alex about whether or not he wanted children. Perhaps she really is preggers? Although she obviously isn’t showing, so I’m not sure why that would prevent her from wanting to get married. Unless the baby isn’t Alex’s.

4. Kyle’s death spooked her

To be honest, I thought Kyle’s death was having the opposite effect on Jo. I thought that after seeing Stephanie lose the man she loved, Jo was going to say yes for sure. But I suppose it is possible that watching that heartrending scene play out made her doubt the existence of happy endings.

5. She is Izzy’s secret sister

Hey-oh! This kind of came out of left field and would be the twistiest twist ev-er. Of course, we are talking about Grey’s here, so we can’t rule anything out. She does kind of look like a brunette Katherine Heigl. Hmm, intriguing.

6. She has paralyzing commitment issues

Wasn’t this pretty much the reasoning she gave when she said no once before? Jo comes from an abusive, emotionally scarring, broken background. She has been hurt and homeless and largely alone for much of her life. It’s understandable she is a bit skittish, no?

7. She was just joking, you guys

File this under wishful thinking — while this fan, like most of us, is clearly hoping this is some sort of prank or bad dream sequence, we’re probably stuck with the reality that Jolex may be dunzo.

What do you think? Why won’t Jo say yes? Weigh in below and, before you go, check out our slideshow!

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