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American Grit‘s #GirlsoftheGrit take female empowerment to a new level

The girl power displayed on American Grit is impressive, and it gives me hope that reality television can move away from pointless catfights and into a new era of female empowerment.

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The gals of American Grit may be competitive, but they’ve formed a very strong bond that even the Circus can’t break. Thus, despite some bitter rivalries between teams, they came together tonight to support Lisa Traugott when she needed them most. Although Galloway referred to Traugott as the glue holding his team together, it was obvious that the idea of facing the Circus freaked her out.

Lisa on American Grit
Image: FOX

Instead of leaving Traugott to worry on her own, the competition’s women all rallied around her, explaining that, while the Circus may initially seem terrifying, it is more than possible for a woman as determined as she is to make it through and emerge stronger than ever. Even going up against two of the show’s strongest guys is not necessarily a deal breaker, as Goldie Chandler demonstrated during American Grit‘s very first Circus.

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In addition to showing their support, the ladies (who are referred to as the #GirlsoftheGrit on Twitter) gave Traugott some amazing advice. They told her that, although she would be tempted to get stuck in her own head, she could choose to let the mental chatter go and focus on the task at hand. These words of wisdom clearly resonated with viewers, who were thrilled that the show’s females chose to ditch the petty drama and instead support their fellow contestants.

Sadly, Traugott was the first competitor to drop out of the Circus — but her elimination had nothing to do with a lack of effort. She did her best and accomplished far more than most of us viewers back home ever could. Although sad to finally have to send a member of his team home, Galloway was clearly proud of Traugott and the grit she demonstrated.

Noah Galloway hug
Image: FOX

It’s awesome to see a reality show break the mold and show strong women who truly want the best for each other. The women on this show clearly have grit, but more importantly, they have heart.

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What do you think of the #GirlsoftheGrit? Comment and share your opinion below.

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