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Zac Efron wants Vanessa Hudgens back, but why’d they break up anyway?

Just a few weeks ago, Zac Efron was smitten with Sami Miro and Vanessa Hudgens seemed ready to live happily ever after with Austin Butler. But now that Efron is single again, does that mean all bets are off for Hudgens’ relationship as well? Hollywood Life seems to think so, and their sources also think it’s a terrible idea for the former Disney star couple to get back together.

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Efron has apparently been making some “sappy phone calls” since his breakup. (Celebrities — they really are just like us!) But according to the source, no matter how sweet the nostalgia or how ripped his abs get for Baywatch, a Zanessa reunion just isn’t in the cards. “Vanessa still has a lot of animosity towards Zac. He treated her like crap at the end of their relationship,” the source said.

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The source elaborates, “She and Austin are solid, but letting Zac back in her world would be playing with fire — he was her first big love. She swears she’d never take him back, but that’s easier said than done with a guy like Zac. He can be very charming.”

Efron may have been her first love, but Butler and Hudgens have been dating for almost five years — and he’s been there for her through the death of her father. Those are some shoes that are going to need more than a few “sappy phone calls” to fill. Whatever she decides, Hudgens is in a pretty enviable position: choosing between a hot TV star turned movie star and a hot TV star-slash-singer. OK, sometimes celebrities aren’t just like us.

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