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Zac Efron versus Austin Butler: Vanessa Hudgens has a tough decision to make

Picture this: You break up with your super hot boyfriend, and start dating another super hot guy a few years later. Then, boom — out of the blue, your newly single ex gives you a call, professing that he’s still pining for you. Sounds like a crazy awesome dream, right? Well, according to Hollywood Life, this is Vanessa Hudgens’ dilemma — with none other than her ex, Zac Efron. Efron reportedly wants Hudgens back, and it’s making us wonder if Zanessa could live to see another day.

According to Hollywood Life, the very taken Hudgens, who has been dating The Carrie Diaries cutie Austin Butler for over four years, has been receiving calls from her High School Musical co-star and ex Efron in which he complains of being brokenhearted over his most recent ex, Sami Miro. Apparently, this is not sitting very well with Butler, who has probably seen a photo of Efron’s abs in the last few months. Fortunately for Butler, he’s got a two things on his side: the fact that Hudgens is very much in love with him, and the fact that, hot bod or no hot bod, Efron reportedly treated Hudgens like total crap at the end of their relationship.

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Hudgens may be rolling her eyes at Efron’s phone calls, but you have to admit that she’s in a pretty choice position. She is seemingly very happy in her current relationship, and the fact that Efron is once again wishing he was at her side has to be a confidence boost. The best part is that it doesn’t seem like Hudgens is going to be jumping off the Butler ship to swim over to Efron island: she has a good thing going, and an ex isn’t going to get in the middle of that.

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Let this be a lesson to all of the ex-boyfriends out there. You only have one shot to be good to your girl, so don’t mess it up. You may regret it big-time later.

Would you give Zac Efron another chance if you were Vanessa Hudgens? Sound off in the comments.

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