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RHONY‘s Sonja Morgan better watch her Tipsy Girl back

There are two things you can count on in Real Housewives of New York. One is that Sonja Morgan will start insane drama and claim ignorance. Two is that Bethenny Frankel will have a completely disproportionate reaction to something one of the other Housewives did. Luckily for fans, a perfect storm of both of those things is brewing.

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At the end of the latest episode, Morgan announced that she will release a new line of prosecco named Tipsy Girl. If you’re thinking that sound familiar, it’s because it’s ridiculously similar to Frankel’s brand SkinnyGirl. As soon as Morgan announced her plans, everyone in the party knew that drama was on the horizon. Well, everyone but Morgan, who thinks there’s no real similarity, because, of course she does.

Honestly, I don’t see Tipsy Girl taking off because Morgan does a lot of talking, but not a lot of hustling. And hustle might as well be Frankel’s middle name. She doesn’t have anything to worry about with Morgan’s line. But that’s not the point. The point is that Frankel went out of her way to offer advice and mentorship to Morgan and Morgan betrayed her. She is blatantly ripping off Frankel’s brand.

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The two women are going to have it out next week, but I think there’s a bigger issue to talk about now. Women take advantage of the kindness and generosity of other women make it harder for everyone. There are not a lot of people who take time to mentor others, and it’s even rarer between women. As hard to handle as she is, Frankel genuinely cared about Morgan’s well-being, and Morgan made her regret it. I’m sure next time Frankel has the opportunity to help another woman, she’s going to think twice, which negatively affects us all.

We need to be kinder and more thoughtful to each other. We, as women, need to stop stabbing each other in the back or acting out of jealousy and start celebrating each other’s successes. We’ve got it hard enough trying to prove ourselves to other people; we don’t need even more problems from other women.

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The best-case scenario is Morgan really is blind as to why Frankel would be upset about her new brand and she’ll change it as soon as the two talk. The worst-case scenario is she did this on purpose. In which case, someone needs to tell her she’s doing the whole friendship thing wrong.

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