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Miley Cyrus goes off on a dramatic but pretty insightful Instagram rant

Miley Cyrus has a lot to say about her hair. Most importantly, she wants everyone to know that she hates it. She posted to her Instagram a picture of her bleached hair to let everyone know that she regrets her decision to dye her naturally beautiful hair to something that came from a box. Especially because her reason for changing her color was her “rebelling out of boredom while dealing with a consecutive amount of time off on the Woody project (2 months ago)!”

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On the surface, this sounds like a ridiculous rant and definitely not worth anyone’s time. But Cyrus added a deeper level of social commentary to her post that I think is really important. While speaking to her audience, she said, “That hair color comes in a box (well maybe mine) therefore it’s available to purchase and what grows from my scalp naturally is mine and only mine!!! Not to mention I felt like a self-obsessed psycho while real issues are out there in the world needing to be dealt with I was sitting in front of a mirror going thru strand by strand like my hair and what it looks like actually fucking matters!”

Cyrus has always had a strong message beneath her attention-grabbing antics, and this is the perfect example of that. When she’s talking about loving herself, accepting who she is and not feeding into the standards of society, she really is delivering a powerful message to her fans and followers. She may just need to cut down on the exclamation points to get someone to listen.

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When her rant ended, she warned anyone who was reading, “Ps if you ever start overthinking shit especially something as silly as hair…. go outside, smell a flower, center your thoughts and find something productive to do with your time…. I wish I would’ve taken a toke of my own medicine…. Everything is a learning experience…. Even hair” 

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What makes this rant from Cyrus different is that she acknowledges that she does sometimes concede to beauty standards — to wanting her hair to be edgy or beautiful. She does worry about that stuff because none of us can escape it. But instead of telling people to ignore those thoughts, she’s saying that when you notice them come up, just do something productive instead. That is a much more attainable goal for most of us than to just love ourselves unconditionally. Or maybe just me.

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