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Jules Wainstein addresses thin-shaming with eye-opening anorexia discussion

Jules Wainstein has felt a lot of pressure from RHONY to address her weight. Specifically, whether or not she has or is currently suffering from an eating disorder. And while it definitely isn’t anyone’s place to try to force someone to talk about a painful issue like anorexia, Wainstein did address all the rumors by revealing her past with anorexia and bulimia. On the show, not much was talked about, but Wainstein opened up to People recently to give the full story of how dark that time was for her.

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It all started when Wainstein was 17 and quit competitive swimming. She went from two-hour daily practices to nothing overnight. The dramatic change led to her feeling “’out of control’ of her body and began rigorously monitoring her food intake.”

She told People, “I remember keeping a journal, counting my calories, what I ate. I would make like a list of things that I would eat and add up every meal, every calorie. I knew I had a problem from the beginning. I thought I could fix it myself, but it just got worse.”

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Rock bottom for her was 80 pounds at 23 years old. That’s when she finally decided it was time to seek professional help and that the disease was out of her control. It took years of recovery and a lot of therapy, but she is now doing much better. As fans of the show know, she has two healthy children and a successful, loving husband and lives in New York City.

The great thing about Wainstein opening up about her past is that she got to do it on her terms. She wasn’t in a confrontational situation, having to answer to Bethenny Frankel, so she could tell the whole truth the way she wanted to. It’s important to get the right message across and be able to explain the background to a complicated disease without someone yelling at you (or crying because they can’t help but make the situation about themselves).

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This interview will hopefully stop the attacks Wainstein has to endure for the rest of the season. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say this won’t be the last we hear about it from Frankel.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Julianne Wainstein slideshow
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