Supernatural: I have never been more worried for Sam and Dean’s future

May 11, 2016 at 11:04 p.m. ET
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It's not unusual for Sam and Dean to have a lot on their plates, especially when it comes to saving the world. But this season of Supernatural, well, the Winchester brothers definitely need to pray for some kind of miracle because I don't know how they're going to save the entire world, let alone themselves.

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During "All in the Family," Sam and Dean finally sat down with Chuck (aka God). Their first interaction was probably what fans expected. Sam was giddy as could be (clearly, he's a fan) and, well, Dean had a different reaction upon discovering the man they know as an author/prophet/convention host is the big man upstairs. Let's just say Dean has a lot of questions and can't come to understand where and why God has been hiding when so many people are in need and pray to him daily.

Chuck has his own reasons, like he hoped humanity would grow up as he hovered and tried to nurture his creation, but that's not what happened. Per Chuck, you can't be over-involved as a parent, because that's just enabling. So, he left and let humanity find its own way. Yeah, that didn't fly with Dean, to which Chuck responded, "I know you had a complicated upbringing Dean, but don't confuse me with your dad." God doesn't hold back when it comes to dropping truth bombs.

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All of Dean's frustrations aside, now that he and Sam have an actual location on God — he's now their roomie — they're hoping he will help them defeat Amara. Yeah, well that would be way too easy because Chuck is not going to destroy his sister but give into her demands. Say what now? That's not going to help Sam and Dean, whatsoever.

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Yeah, Chuck seems to think that if he hands himself over to Amara and then lets her lock him in a cage (like he did to her), all will be OK. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a great strategy. Guess what? Dean doesn't think so, either. Chuck definitely isn't worried about Amara destroying the world and everyone on it, because he believes Sam, Dean and humans will step up and find a way to save it all. Um, yeah, I think they're going to need more direction than that, Chuck.

As of right now, it sure seems like Chuck's plan is set in stone. Here's hoping Sam and Dean can get him on board somehow to assist them in fighting The Darkness. I'm really worried for their future.

Not only are Sam and Dean currently housing God and Lucifer (they managed to rescue him from Amara, thanks to Metatron sacrificing himself), but they need to get God on their side, still save Castiel, officially save the world from Amara and find a way to not have Dean literally become a part of Amara by giving up his humanity (another little tidbit Amara dropped during the episode). Nope, all of that sounds terrible.

With that, I think it's time to follow in Dean's footsteps and have a beer (definitely not a margarita) to relax. The end of Season 11 is truly going to be stressful.

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