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Sharon Osbourne went all Nancy Drew on Ozzy before their split

It was a sad day for love when Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne decided to call it quits after 33 years. But the trouble started much earlier, when Ozzy’s actions led Sharon to hire a private investigator, says InTouch Weekly.

Sharon discovered that a surprising amount of money was missing from their joint accounts, says the article. An investigator discovered what and who Ozxzy was spending the money on: celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh.

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According to an insider, the investigator learned that Ozzy “was basically living a double life” with his much younger mistress. Neither Osbourne has yet to fully confirm any speculation that infidelity caused the separation.

For her part, Sharon is ready to move on. She got emotional speaking about that decision on The Talk. “I am 63 years of age and I can’t keep living like this,” she said. No one should have to dig through their significant other’s personal life to find out what he’s doing, especially after 33 years. As a host and a TV personality, Sharon has her own career and future ahead of her with or without Ozzy.

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Despite the drama of the past few weeks, the insider says there’s still a chance the long-term couple will get back together. “They constantly fight and get back together,” the source says. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if they worked things out.”

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