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Meri Brown’s catfisher is still releasing voicemails & making her life miserable

Meri Brown is still facing the consequences of her catfishing scandal.

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It’s now been almost a year since news broke that Meri had had an emotional affair with someone online who she thought was a man named Samuel Cooper, but who turned out to be a catfishing woman named Jackie Overton.

But Overton isn’t giving up on the charade, and continues to post new updates on the relationship to Samuel’s blog, Not Batman Yet, including YouTube videos of recordings of the voicemails Meri left for him during their affair.

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The Brown family has been working through the aftermath of the scandal on the current season of Sister Wives, and Overton/Samuel claims not to be watching the show.

“Why not?” he writes. “Because I will not watch her sit there and lie. It’s both too awkward and very sad for me to see her in that place. Plus I was going to hear about it whether I wanted to or not so I would end up with the general gist of the show. Plus I was busy. I had a friend in town and I had to drive her back to the airport to catch her flight around that time. I did make it home to watch the Thunder win their game and tie up the series with San Antonio, 2-2.”

The newest series of voicemails reveal some tension in Meri’s relationship with Samuel as the internet starts to catch wind of their affair and rumors start to fly. Samuel avoids Meri’s calls, and she leaves him voicemail after voicemail asking him to return her calls. You can hear them all here.

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Are you surprised that Meri Brown’s catfisher is still adding to the story?

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