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Becky G is lovin’ so hard on the Latina women who’ve shaped her

Every Wednesday, we feature a female celebrity’s top list of women who have inspired or helped her throughout her career. This week, Becky G shares the women who’ve helped to shape her values, goals and work ethic through the years.

1. My mother, Alejandra Gomez

My mother, my best friend. The woman I can speak to about everything. She’s been through so much and yet still manages to wear a smile every day. What I do isn’t easy, but having someone like her in my corner to look up to and cheer for me makes it easier. She motivates me to be a better version of the person I was yesterday.

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1. All-around boss lady Jennifer Lopez

She’s a mother, singer, actress and an accomplished businesswoman. I respect her hustle and look up to how she respects her own self and prioritizes her well-being in order to be able to play all these different roles in her career and personal life. Working with her firsthand was a meaningful learning experience that I will always remember.

3. Singer, songwriter and actress Selena Quintanilla

As an artist, the way Selena impacted people’s lives on and off the stage really resonates with me. Selena shared the stage with her family, as do I (shoutout DJ Awsumo, my DJ and cousin!); she treats her fans like they are family, as do I (shoutout to my Beasters!). Even if you didn’t know her personally, you could tell she was a good person and I strive to always keep that in mind.

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4. My little sister, Estefania Gomez

My little sister. She’s becoming a beautiful woman right in front of my eyes. My whole life, she was my little shadow. Steph inspires me to be real, to be myself, because I know she is always looking up to me and I want to set the best example for her and all young women around the world.

5. My grandmothers, Guadalupe Esquivias and Cruz Gomez

My grandmothers. They’re both strong women who built everything out of love. They built generations out of love, food out of love, have homes filled with love. I’m inspired by them to love wholeheartedly. Not only that, their struggle — having moved countries to build better lives for our family — keeps me motivated to never give up on my dreams.

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What’s next for Becky G?

If you’re not already familiar with Becky G, you will be very soon. Not only is she releasing her debut album in 2016, but she’s appearing on the big screen as Trini, the Yellow Ranger in the Power Rangers movie hitting theaters in 2017.

Until then, Becky G is partnering with Degree for a Move with the Music concert series, where she’ll conduct real-time fan movement experiments using Lightwave Technology to measure how fans help fuel an artist’s performance — both emotionally and physically — for the Degree MotionSense Lab.

Smart, pretty and talented! This girl is a triple threat.

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