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Apparently Josh Duggar had the worst Mother’s Day ever

Josh Duggar looks like he had a not-so-happy Mother’s Day.

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Just days after he was spotted in public for the first time since leaving rehab, Duggar was photographed celebrating Mother’s Day at a Pensacola, Florida, restaurant with his family. Except, while most of the Duggars looked happy to be celebrating, Josh looked downright miserable.

Only Josh seemed not to be having a good time,” the onlooker who snapped the photo told In Touch. “Anna had her back to us but occasionally she would move around and she was smiling. She looked very much at ease.”

According to the source, Duggar matriarch Michelle was “beaming” as she enjoyed the day, as well.

“But while everyone was clearly at ease, Josh kept that phone up to his ear,” the witness continued. “He definitely did not seem to be having fun.”

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There are plenty of possible reasons for Josh to be so miserable. When he was spotted publicly for the first time last week, he was with his family playing mini golf. According to witnesses who saw him there, some families were upset that their children were so close to Josh after he admitted to molesting underage girls as a teen, and they left the facility.

But onlookers this time say that wasn’t the case. The Duggars are reportedly regular visitors to Pensacola, and seeing them at a local restaurant isn’t a surprise. Witnesses say the other diners there didn’t mind at all that the Duggars were present.

“The other diners in the restaurant seemed perfectly happy the Duggars had been there, but despite the friendly crowd, it seemed like Josh was the gloomiest guy there,” an onlooker said. “`He is going to need to get used to being spotted.”

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Anna Duggar slideshow
Image: Josh Duggar/Twitter

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