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Excerpt from From Friend to Fake Fiancé will make you want to climax on a beach

New from Harlequin, author Jules Bennett continues her Mafia Moguls series with From Friend to Fake Fiancé as one mafia playboy gives in to his deepest desires for a dear friend.

About the book:

Pretend to be Jenna LeBlanc’s lover? Heck, Mac O’Shea has dreamed about being the real thing for years.

Yes, they share a deep attraction, but they’ve agreed to “just be friends.” After all, Jenna wants forever, and Mac’s questionable family business means he’s not the settling down type. He would never bring an innocent like Jenna into his dark world.

But the mafia playboy can’t resist the chance to touch her, to taste her — even if it’s only a ruse for her sister’s tropical wedding. It’s just a week… in paradise… with a woman he desperately wants. Nothing will change between them. Right?

Your steamy excerpt from From Friend to Fake Fiancé:

As Jenna neared him, her body lifted from the water as she threw her arms out to the side and closed her eyes. “I never want to leave Bora Bora. Ever.”

He laughed at her childlike declaration, but as soon as she dropped her arms, the straps on her bra slid down over her shoulders. Without thinking, Mac reached out with both hands and pushed them back up. But instead of letting go and backing away, he curled his fingers around her wet, bare skin.

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Those expressive eyes widened as she licked her bottom lip. Her heavy inhale pressed her chest out just enough to brush against his.

“Mac,” she murmured.

“I know.” Keeping his grip on her, he closed his eyes and told himself to pull away, but he couldn’t. Not yet. “I didn’t bring you here for this. But damn it, Jenna. I can’t keep my hands off you.”

With a tip of her chin, she reached up and held onto his wrists. “You know I won’t be like all those other women in your life. That’s not who I am.”

Mac swallowed. “It’s not who I want,” he whispered. He had no idea if she heard him over the waterfall. He’d never wanted a relationship, and right now, he felt… as if he wasn’t good enough for her.

Maybe he couldn’t sleep with her, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t show her how much she meant to him.

With careful movements, and keeping his eyes on hers, he pushed the straps back down. Her hands remained around his wrists, but she didn’t try to stop him. When he slid his fingertips over the flesh just above the lace trim of her bra, her body trembled beneath his touch.

When her hands tightened and she started to shake her head, Mac cut her off. “This isn’t about me,” he explained. “Let me show you.”

Jenna remained silent, but held his gaze.

“Trust me,” he added.

She let go of his wrists, giving him complete control. Mac reached around and unfastened her bra, then removed the unwanted garment. Giving it a fling toward the shore, he allowed his eyes to rake over her exposed body. The water lapped just beneath her bare breasts.

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Keeping his eyes locked onto hers, he wanted her to see every single emotion in his eyes. He wanted her to understand just how pivotal this moment was. And if he delved any more into that line of thinking, he’d terrify himself. But the last thing he wanted now was to pull away.

Keeping his eyes on hers, he let his palms travel over her soft skin beneath the water. Her stomach clenched, her hips tilted and he knew her body was reacting all on its own. Hooking his thumbs under the edge of her panties, he started pulling them down. A bit harder to do in the water, but he was a man with one goal in mind — to make Jenna feel like the beautiful, desirable woman she was.

“Brace your hands on my shoulders.”

“Mac —”

“Do it.”

Water trickled from her fingertips as she placed her hands on his shoulders. Without another word, she lifted one foot at a time and let him remove the last of her clothing.

He wanted his name on her lips, he wanted her to know who was pleasuring her and why. He wanted Jenna to see this as more than a quick release.

When he slid one finger over her center, Mac was barely hanging on by a thread because he couldn’t wait to see her come undone. But Jenna was worth the wait.

As he moved his hand, she rocked her hips, never taking her eyes off him. There was something so intimate, so primal about watching her.

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Mac gripped her waist as his hand moved faster. Her body kept up with his rhythm and Mac watched as a pink tint crept over her face. A sheen of sweat covered her forehead and nose, but she never once took her eyes off him.

Her body jerked. “Mac, I’m —”

“Do it,” he demanded.

When she tightened around him, his name slid off her lips like a whispered promise. Her eyes widened as if she wasn’t expecting the onslaught. Mac held her close and kept pleasuring her until her body went lax.

Wrapping both hands around her waist, he pulled her against his chest. Her heartbeat seemed to be just as frantic as his own.

The sound of the rushing water, the occasional bird chirping and Jenna’s panting were all music to his ears. Nothing else mattered but this moment, this woman.

No matter the internal battle he’d been waging with himself, Mac had gotten the briefest glimpse of Jenna’s passion. He knew there was so much more to uncover and he planned on doing just that in the remaining days. He could figure out what to do for the long term later.

First things first. Jenna would be his.

How do things turn out? Find out by buying your own copy of From Friend to Fake Fiancé!

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