Todd Chrisley doesn’t seem so controlling once you understand why he’s doing it

Todd Chrisley’s parenting style is, at best, involved. But at its worst, it may be downright crazy. But in tonight’s episode, he opened up to his daughter, Savannah, about why he acts the way he does, and it made him the endearing, protective dad most people hope to have.

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During a talk about Savannah getting back together with her ex-boyfriend, she mentioned that she doesn’t expect her dad to agree with all of her choices, just that he love her always. Todd said his love isn’t conditional and the only reason he meddles is because it’s painful for him to see his daughter walking into what he knows will be a heartbreaking situation. He explained that knowing she’s going to hurt in the future makes him hurt right now.

There is a bit of him that’s making her relationship pain about him, but when you really get to the heart of what he’s saying, he’s being incredibly sweet and kind-hearted. If you’re Savannah, I can certainly see how any of his actions, especially the invasive ones, could be annoying. But the reason that all the kids put up with him is because of moments like this when he’s being just the best dad.

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And fans of the show agree that Todd’s heart is always in the right place. The reaction to the episode included everything from older generations saying he reminds them of their own fathers, to one fan simply saying, “Todd Chrisley adopt me, please.” If anyone thought he was out to ruin his children’s lives, they certainly wouldn’t beg him to welcome them into the family.

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All that being said, I don’t think Todd really cares either way if fans, or his own children, understand him or his motives. He rarely asks for permission from his own wife. But I think it is important to point out that even though he has boundary issues, he’s got a heart of gold and he’s a great father.


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