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Justin Bieber’s latest outburst worries the non-Belieber in me

When an artist cries onstage one time, it’s an emotional night. When he keeps crying, it’s time to get worried. Justin Bieber broke down again while singing the title track off his album Purpose in Philadelphia on Monday. What’s happening here?

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The video shows Bieber kneeling near the front of the stage at the Wells Fargo Center, singing the lyrics “You give me purpose” as he begins to tear up. What’s harder to watch is that he pulls the mic away from his face, closes his eyes and begins to mumble to himself as a screaming fan attempts to comfort him.

Almost immediately after kicking off the Purpose world tour, Bieber canceled all scheduled meet and greets with fans due to “emotional exhaustion and depression.” He also famously broke down during his performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Is this his life? Is he OK? Is he crying on the tour bus every night?

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According to Genius, the lyrics to ‘Purpose’ reference Bieber’s newfound faith in God, as well as his transition away from difficult friends and a reckless past. Perhaps it’s only natural to get emotional during such a heavy ballad, but it’s the lack of control that’s worrying on Bieber’s part. He isn’t an American Idol contestant, he’s a megastar. Someone get this boy a vacation!

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