Below Deck: Mediterranean‘s crew is already falling apart

That didn’t take long! After one relatively peaceful expedition, the cast members of Below Deck: Mediterranean are already beginning to turn on one another. There was a fair amount of griping during the first half of tonight’s episode, but the real drama emerged near the end, when, following a successful first expedition, the crew was allowed to take the night off. Unimpressed by Tiffany Copeland’s behavior both on and off the yacht, Hannah Ferrier began griping. Copeland did not respond well to this, and although she’s not always super professional, it’s easy to see why she was upset — after a tough few days, she just wanted to unwind.

Hannah Ferrier
Image: Bravo

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Several cast members came to Copeland’s defense, including most notably Bryan Kattenburg. Although he can be tough when diisciplining the deckhands, Kattenburg believes that they should be given the occasional opportunity to relax and not think about work. Thus, he was very displeased to see Ferrier trying to discuss work matters with Copeland. His attempt at intervening took a bad turn, however, with Ferrier recommending that he butt out and stick to his own department. Kattenburg took issue with this, for, as first mate, he believes that the entire yacht is his department.

Bryan and Hannah
Image: Bravo

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It didn’t take long for viewers to choose sides in the stew versus deck battle. Opinions regarding the show’s drama-prone reality stars are already quite strong, as evidenced by these tweets:

If there’s good news, it’s that some of the stars have already resolved their differences, or at least, their social media accounts make it look like they have. In one especially telling photo, Copeland and Ferrier looked downright chummy.

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In the world of reality television, the best of friends can become enemies and the most bitter enemies can develop close relationships. It will be interesting to see how the crew’s dynamic evolves as the show continues. I expect a whole lot more drama before any chumminess emerges.

What did you think of the first big fight on Below Deck: Mediterranean? Are you Team Hannah Ferrier or Team Bryan Kattenburg? Comment and share your opinion below.


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