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Who else is annoyed that Pretty Little Liars is introducing yet another detective?

Is there any police department quite as incompetent as the one attempting to solve the many murders of Rosewood? I’m not sure it’s possible, and yet, people keep transferring to the small town. Pretty Little Liars has had its fair share of crummy detectives who were at best useless and at worst murderers. This town would probably be better off without a police department, but it sounds like that won’t happen anytime soon, because Pretty Little Liars has already found a brand-new detective for Season 7. According to TVLine, Arrow actor Nicholas Gonzalez will play a detective in the new season of PLL, because this show won’t stop hiring new members of the PD, even if they’re not going to help anybody.

To give Pretty Little Liars the benefit of the doubt, we have no idea how Gonzalez’s character will interact with the Liars. For all we know, the core four might actually find an ally in Rosewood’s brand-new hire. Unfortunately, if we’re looking at the town’s history, it’s far more likely that the show will have Gonzalez as yet another foe that Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria have to contend with in addition to A. Here’s a rundown of the other cops in the Liars’ lives, and why they didn’t make them feel safe or protected.

1. Detective Linda Tanner

I had such high hopes for Tanner. She’s tough as nails, whip smart and a professional BS detector. It really seemed like she was on the girls’ side when she was on the hunt for Big A in Season 6, but after the time jump, Tanner totally turned on the Liars and blamed them for Charlotte’s murder. Though it doesn’t seem like she’s in cahoots with Uber A, she’s a huge thorn in the Liars’ side these days.

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2. Detective Gabe Holbrook

Holbrook seemed like a sweetheart until we realized that he was no different from any of the other creeps lurking around Rosewood. Though Holbrook seemed like a stand-up guy, it wasn’t long before the Liars discovered he had a dark, gross secret. Holbrook helped Charlotte (then known as CeCe) escape police custody as a favor for Alison, the definitely underage girl that he was seeing. Though Alison wasn’t the villain the Liars thought she was, Holbrook proved that his moral compass definitely didn’t point north when he started a relationship with her.

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3. Officer Garrett Reynolds

Garrett had no business being a police officer. For one thing, he was in the N.A.T. Club, a gross high school group that spied on the residents of Rosewood with their video cameras. (Ew.) Though he didn’t kill Alison or the girl who wound up in her grave, he did know a lot more about that night than he initially let on — including the fact that he let his girlfriend believe that he was the one who murdered Alison.

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4. Detective Darren Wilden

The scum of Rosewood, Detective Wilden was so ridiculously evil that merely seeing his face in the Season 6 finale sent shivers down our spine. Wilden was creepy from day one — he knew all about what really went down the night that Alison went missing, and still tried to blame the Liars for Alison’s murder to cover his own tracks. Even worse was the gross way he manipulated Ashley into doing his bidding. But perhaps the final nail in Wilden’s bad-cop coffin was the fact that he straight-up murdered Garrett on the ghost train to make sure that he kept his mouth shut about Wilden’s dirty deeds. And this is a guy who swore to protect and serve? Ick.

Do you hope that the new detective on Pretty Little Liars is a friend or a foe? Sound off in the comments.

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