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Wait — so Janet Jackson isn’t giving birth to her first baby?

Janet Jackson’s first husband may have just confirmed a long-standing rumor about the superstar and a dark secret from her past.

Jackson is currently pregnant at 49 with what she claims is her first child, but there has been a rumor circulating for many years that she actually had a baby with James DeBarge when she was 16, two years before their short-lived marriage. Now her ex is speaking out, and what he has to say seems to confirm those rumors.

In an interview with Radar Online, DeBarge said he was contacted by a woman claiming to be his daughter two years ago, and while they have yet to meet or take a DNA test, she knows details that confirm the relationship in his mind.

“She described as much as she could tell me because she was very fearful at the time,” he continued. “She was very angry about people running with this story about this [other child] being my baby. She got very angry. She’s like, ‘Papa I want to help you out.’ She had so much of personality and she was so accurate with everything she was saying, it was only things that I and Janet know. No one else but god, me and Janet.”

DeBarge claims the woman claiming to be Jackson’s daughter found out who her biological parents are when her adoptive mother was dying.

“One of her adoptive parents died,” he said. “Her adoptive mother and on her death bed (sic) said she told her. She confirmed it on the deathbed.”

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Here is what is super interesting about that particular detail: It seems to back up a major part of the decades-old rumor, which is that then-16-year-old Jackson’s baby was adopted by her brother Jackie and his ex-wife Enid, who died in 1997. They adopted a baby girl who they named Brandi in 1982, when Janet was 16 — three years after she met DeBarge but two years before they married.

This is Brandi today:

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And this is Jackson and DeBarge back in the day:

Do you see a resemblance?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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