Meghan Trainor’s POd over her tiny waist in new music video — and rightfully so

The new video for Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” was supposed to be released on Monday. And it was — briefly. But after Trainor took a look at the video, she had her reps pull it from the web. The problem? Her body was edited — apparently without her consent.

Trainor says on Snapchat that she took down the video because “they photoshopped the crap out of [her].” She explains, “I’m so sick of it, and I’m over it, so I took it down until they fix it! My waist is not that teeny. I had a bomb waist that night, I don’t know why they didn’t like my waist. But I didn’t approve that video and it went out into the world, so I’m embarrassed.”
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Some fans are supporting Trainor’s decision to stop the video until she’s totally happy with it.
And others aren’t going to be happy with it no matter what she looks like.

We have to ask, though: How could Trainor possibly not have seen her own music video before it hit the internet? She’s certainly generating a lot of publicity over this photoshopping scandal. If she is putting her foot down to pull the video, it’s quite the power move. If it was a publicity stunt, then mission accomplished.

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The real video was released on Tuesday in all its unedited glory. Trainor shared the news on her Instagram.

The video is back where it rightfully belongs: on YouTube, where it has already gathered over 480,000 views. Check it out below:

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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