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Ozzy Osbourne confirms his sobriety, but says nothing about infidelity

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have finally called it quits on their 33-year marriage, and while a statement from the rocker was meant to dispel a certain rumor about the split, it as good as confirms another.

Their marriage weathered the huge storms caused by Ozzy’s substance abuse problems and even survived the so-called reality curse, but the couple is finally throwing in the towel — and the rumor mill is attributing it to two troubling reasons.

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One, some are saying Ozzy has fallen off the wagon and his drinking and/or drugging have finally driven Sharon over the edge. The other rumor is that Sharon busted Ozzy cheating with a hairdresser.

So which is true? For his part, Ozzy says he is and has remained completely sober for over three years.

I have been sober for three and a quarter years,” he told E! News. “I have not touched drugs or alcohol in that time. Any reports that I am not sober are completely inaccurate.”

His statement scrupulously avoided any mention of the cheating rumors, which speaks volumes about the situation.

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Now both Ozzy and Sharon seem to be completely MIA. A new report says Sharon kicked him out of the family home and his kids have not been able to get hold of him.

“At this time Ozzy is not at the marital home,” Sharon and Ozzy’s spokesman, Gary Farrow, confirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

Another source told Fox News, “Ozzy is in a hotel somewhere and has taken his credit cards and some money with him. But he is not brilliant on his own and is a bit like a puppy — he goes missing but then usually turns up sooner or later.”

Sharon did not show up for work on the set of The Talk on Monday, after letting staff know she would be taking a personal day.

“Now before we get started, as you can see, Sharon is not here today,” Julie Chen said at the top of the show. “There were many tabloid headlines this past weekend about her and Ozzy, rumors and speculation that they have split up after nearly 34 years of marriage. Sharon understandably took today off. We are sending all of our love to her and to her family and we ask that you do the same.”

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Celebrity hairstylist Michelle Pugh has been named by The Sun as Ozzy’s mistress. She reportedly called out of work yesterday citing a “personal emergency” and is now laying low.

“Sharon went ballistic with Ozzy and accused him of having the affair,” a source told The Sun.

“She said she had suspected something had been going on for some time and now had proof. People are wondering whether Sharon went through Ozzy’s phone before accusing him. She has done that before but in the past she was checking if he’d been using drugs. Ozzy was extremely sheepish and admitted being close to Michelle. It is likely Sharon has discovered calls and possibly meetings.”

So far, Sharon has not commented on the split.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Ozzy & Sharon marriage slideshow
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