Why I’m not ready to write off Southern Charm‘s Cameran Eubanks yet

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So, Cameran Eubanks is not having the best season ever on Southern Charm. It’s not as bad as the one Kathryn Dennis is having, or maybe it’s just not the same kind of bad, but it’s definitely not great. Cameran isn’t getting excluded by people she thought were her friends or constantly trash-talked by the entire cast of a television show, but fans of the show (like me) who loved her in past seasons are having trouble dealing with this new side of her we’re seeing — the one that looks an awful lot like a mean girl.

Cameran’s talked a lot about how she’s sick of Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship and its volatile nature, and although she hasn’t exactly been avoiding Thomas, she’s been talking about Kathryn behind her back and championing those who exclude her as much as Landon has. Craig isn’t the only one who’s disappointed in Cameran’s behavior this season, Southern Charm‘s Twitter followers feel much the same.

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Cameran has been the show’s truth-teller since it began. She’s kept it real for her friends — telling them what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear (Craig). She’s also talked openly about some things that aren’t exactly easy to discuss, like her ambivalence/apprehension about having children and her desire to eschew some aspects of traditional Southern womanhood, like choosing to have a career despite the fact that her husband could probably take care of her with his physician’s salary. In other words, she’s a multifaceted human being. You know, the kind of person reality TV hates, especially when that person is a woman.

I don’t like how Cameran’s talking about Kathryn or how she appears to be ingratiating herself with Thomas and Patricia, but let’s not go completely off the deep end and decide she’s not worth saving. This show is full of people who screw up and then end up apologizing all over the place for it. Kathryn’s already done it this season, not to mention the fact that it’s an essential part of what makes a good reality show. The point is, I’m not ready to dismiss Cameran based on what we’ve seen so far this season, especially since we know the power that comes with being the people who edit these shows and the characters. You could behave totally reasonably during shooting and still be made to look like a jerk in the final cut. I don’t actually think that’s what’s going on, but I refuse to classify Cameran as persona non grata. At least not yet.

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