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Game of Thrones‘ new and improved Jon Snow is mixing things up in a big way

Game of Thrones tonight was… wow, just wow.

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you want all of the exciting details about Season 6 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

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Not only are we inching our way closer to answers about the past, thanks to Bran’s visions at the Tower of Joy, but Rickon also returned at the hands of the Umbers, who tossed him over to Ramsay. (Saw that one coming, but it was still epic nonetheless. And poor Shaggydog!)

The biggest shock of all tonight, though, was not Bran’s visions, it was not Rickon’s re-emergence — and it wasn’t even the return of Arya’s sight. Tonight’s leading moment was all Jon Snow, who didn’t just return from the dead — he returned and made some big moves.

First act, he killed the conspirators against him, including Alliser and poor Olly.

And, before their corpses were even cold, he abandoned the Night’s Watch with a line that is sure to become infamous, “You have Castle Black,” Jon said to Dolorous Edd as he walked away from the Wall. “My watch has ended.”

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Of course, that begs the question, where is Jon Snow going now? He’s been at the Wall since Season 1!

I’m thinking that Jon Snow will, with the help of the Wildling army, take up arms against Ramsay to reclaim Winterfell. This will lead to the epic Battle of the Bastards we’ve been hearing rumors about and will also mean that the Stark children — at least some of them — will finally be reunited.

News of Jon Snow’s departure from the Wall is sure to travel across Westeros quickly as is news that Rickon Stark is alive and in Ramsay’s custody. I don’t think Ramsay will kill Rickon right away. I hope! Rather, I think he will use Rickon as bait to lure Sansa back to Winterfell. That means that Rickon, Sansa and Jon Snow might all end up at their once-upon-a-time home to fight for their rightful place.

Whether my theory about what is going to go down in Season 6 is actually correct or not, Jon Snow’s decision to leave the Night’s Watch is huge. It means big changes are coming this season, and they were much-needed changes for Jon.

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He was always meant for bigger things than watching the Wall.

What do you think Jon Snow’s plan will be now that he’s left the Night’s Watch?

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