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Tonight’s KUWTK confirmed that I will always be Team Khloé and Lamar

When Lamar Odom made his first appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians since he and Khloé Kardashian separated, I was expecting to be excited. Not only did it mean that he and Khloé were on better terms, but it also meant that he was making a strong recovery from his overdose. What I didn’t expect was to be so hopeful that they would get back together.

Khloé has always been the most genuine Kardashian sister, in my opinion. Although I think Kourtney is as real as Khloé, she definitely doesn’t show her emotions the way that Khloé does, so Khloé has always been the most relatable and the one I root for most.

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In tonight’s episode, watching her worry endlessly about Lamar’s well-being — constantly asking him if he’s OK, reaching out to reassure and making sure to think of everything so that his return to New York City was easy — just made me want them to work out so much.

They definitely have a connection and a lot of love between them. They also have a lot of history and some trust issues to work through, but if anything about the Kardashians was ever real, it’s the love Khloé and Lamar share.

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There was some hope for Team Khloé and Lamar members at the end of the episode. Khloé told Lamar that if he’s lucky, they might be able to get back together. His response was that he would say his prayers. It was so authentic and sweet — better than any rom-com moment.

Kris Jenner also made her allegiance to Team Khloé and Lamar clear in tonight’s episode by talking about the pair’s connection over things as silly as conspiracy theories. After all they’ve been through and all they have in common, it would truly be a shame if they couldn’t make it work — especially when you compare how easily Khloé and Lamar get along with the complicated relationship Kourtney and Scott Disick have. Or the weird “just for show” relationship Kim and Kanye seem to have.

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Neither Khloé nor Lamar has confirmed or denied the future of their relationship, but in case there is still a chance, I’m casting my vote that they try to make it work. Theirs is the love story I want to see come true.

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