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If Quantico‘s recruits were real FBI agents, we would all be so screwed

Quantico may be all about FBI agents trying to find a terrorist, but week after week the characters’ personal problems hijack any semblance of reality from the show. Now we finally know who the supposed mastermind behind the terrorist plot is, and it’s just another crazy piece of the show’s puzzle.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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Week after week I’ve watched the recruits of Quantico stumble over themselves in a bid to “be the best” — but the truth is, even though the show bounces back and forth between Alex Parrish’s training days and her days as an agent, none of the characters seem to learn very much.

This week we saw the agents given free reign over the evidence room, which they of course used to sort out personal issues instead of taking care of business. Shelby stole an immunity document in order to trick her parents into getting captured, and Parrish broke into her father’s undercover journals, discovering that he and Liam were basically responsible for the deaths of dozens in a terrorist bombing years ago.

And, as usual, none of the agents get in trouble for their transgressions.

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Remember how Parrish totally screwed up a month-long investigation into a pedophile ring last week? At no point did anyone remind her that she’s just an agent-in-training, or that she had totally messed up big time! And this week, Caleb pushed trainee Ira Chang’s security clearance through as a personal favor.

Basically, every week these agents behave like teenagers working at summer camp, and yet we’re supposed to believe they’re the best America has to offer! And the trainees aren’t the only hot messes on campus… the Quantico faculty are also all sorts of messed up.

Messed up enough to be the terrorist.

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That’s right, tonight we found out that the bad guy is Agent Liam O’Connor — king douche bag on campus, and Parrish’s creepiest one-night stand of the season. But he’s so messed up, he couldn’t even make a sensible terrorist plot for us to follow. He framed Drew Perales, and roped Parrish and half a dozen other agents into the plot, but then let the whole thing fall apart just so he could steal the nuke for next week’s episode instead of detonating it tonight.


It may be ridiculous, but all the personal messiness just makes for better drama, right? With only one episode left, I’d say this show has wrung out all the emotional drama possible… and made me hope that real FBI agents aren’t anything like those on Quantico.

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