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Once Upon a Time: I’m so over Regina’s happy ending being shattered

If you have yet to watch Sunday’s Once Upon a Time, read no further, because there are major spoilers ahead — including a particular beloved character who just bit the dust.

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Fans walked in knowing that someone would soon say goodbye on OUAT, so who was it? Unfortunately, and as many viewers have suspected for some time now, it was none other than Robin Hood. That’s right: The so-called thief who once stole from the rich to give to the poor is no more. Now, let’s all say it together: Poor Regina (and Roland).

Before you say, “Well, I’m sure he’ll come back to life somehow” — nope, it’s not going to happen. Let me explain. Upon returning to the real world, Hades obtained a weapon called the Olympian Crystal that he planned on using to take over Storybrooke with Zelena. While Hades was hiding in Regina’s office with Zelena and her daughter, Regina and Robin snuck in.

However, before they could get Baby Hood out, Hades pointed the crystal right at Regina. Being the hero that he is, Robin stepped in front of Regina, sacrificing himself in order to save his one true love. What made his death even more devastating is that he had previously said to her, “Regina, you are my future.” He even told her that he would give Zelena a second chance. Yes, it’s as heartbreaking as it sounds.

Robin Hood
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So, why can’t Robin return? Per Hades, once the crystal is used on someone, it ends someone permanently. There is no Underworld or moving on. For now, it sure looks like Robin Hood is dead for good. That said, this is OUAT, so never say never. Obviously, there is always the chance that he will pop up in a dream sequence or in a flashback, but I say the chances of Robin coming back to life are very slim.

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The only good to come out of Robin’s death is that Zelena finally stopped defending Hades and used the crystal on him. That’s right: No more Hades, either. Plus, it seems that all of this will bring Zelena and Regina closer together, especially since they both lost the men they loved in the same night. Also, I can’t forget to mention that Zelena finally chose a name for her daughter. In what is surely a fitting moniker, Baby Hood is now known as Robin. I mean, could that be more perfect?

Oh, and thanks to Hades’ death, Zeus brought Hook back to life. Yes, that Zeus. While in the Underworld, Hook worked alongside Arthur (Hades killed him in Storybrooke) to find those missing pages from the book about Hades. Hook then discovered that Hades’ weakness was the crystal, and he managed to send those pages through the book in the Underworld to the other book in Storybrooke, which Emma discovered. Zeus rewarded Hook for his good deed by sending him back to Emma.

Don’t get me wrong — I am so glad that Hook is back with Emma. However, why can’t Regina get her happy ending? Emma always seems to be catching a break, but never Regina. I am so over her heart being broken time and again. If anyone deserves to be happy and find love, it’s Regina. She has worked so hard to go from the villainous Evil Queen to a hero. So, when will her heart stop getting broken?

Here’s hoping that Regina doesn’t revert to darkness again and that she eventually gets her fairy-tale ending. All I know is that it’s way overdue.

With that, let’s have a moment of silence for Robin. He and Sean Maguire will be truly missed.

Once Upon a Time‘s two-hour Season 5 finale begins Sunday, May 15, at 7/6c on ABC.

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