The Amazing Race takes a cutthroat turn — and we love it

May 6, 2016 at 11:18 p.m. ET
Image: CBS

With only four teams and one episode left standing between them and a million dollars, teams on The Amazing Race are beginning to play dirty... and I love it.

The athlete and competitor in me has been waiting for the handholding and partnering to stop. With the final episode approaching, it seems that the teams finally realized they need to make strategic moves to ensure their survival.

That is exactly what Korey Kuhl and Tyler Oakley did while racing around China. After last week's unspoken alliance was formed, it seemed that Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins had the right idea — but when Burns got really salty about the new alliances formed this week, it seems that maybe he didn't get it after all.

This week, the teams needed to stamp their passports at a theme park in China, where replicas of various monuments around the world were set up. Oakley and Dana Boriello teamed up specifically to try to keep Burns and Jenkins out of the running for moving on. Oakley explained his rationale for this, and in terms of the game and wanting to get ahead, it makes perfect sense.

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Now, it wasn't necessarily just the other teams working together that got Burns and Jenkins steamed. It was that Oakley and Kuhl were deliberately hiding information or giving the yellow team bad information that really ticked them off. And while lying to another team doesn't win you any friends, you're racing for a million dollars! Given the opportunity, I probably would have done the same thing.

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I wasn't the only one loving this newfound cutthroat strategy. Fans on Twitter were loving it, too.


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There were, of course, fans who thought Oakley and Kuhl's tactic was a bit too underhanded.


Say what you will about sportsmanship; I call this gamesmanship, and these teams played it right. Until now, the teams have been too nice, too helpful and too willing to give another team information they found out on their own.

Burns and Jenkins ended up being eliminated in a footrace to the mat, narrowly getting beat by underdog favorites Sheri and Cole LaBrant. With only one episode left, we will have to see how much more cutthroat these last three teams can be — and who will take home a million dollars in the race back to the States.