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Selena Gomez DGAF about Justin Bieber’s lame attempts to get her back

Justin Bieber is trying to worm his way back into Selena Gomez’s good graces (and by “good graces” we mean her pants), but she is not having it.

Despite reports that the two had been hanging out together in Los Angeles, Gomez seems to have given any plans for a full reunion a second thought. Despite Bieber’s token (and uninspired) attempts to impress her, girlfriend is just not having it.

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“Justin is planning on doing something special for Selena’s opening night. It will be a surprise but will most likely involve something like sending tons of her favorite flowers to her dressing room, and maybe sending something funny like an inside joke between them,” an insider told “He wants her to know that if he’s not there in person, that he is there in spirit.”

That’s great and all, but Bieber shouldn’t hold his breath. Gomez is reportedly blowing him off left and right, and he just doesn’t seem to be getting the message.

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Gomez told Entertainment Weekly that she will not be performing her most popular Bieber-inspired song on her upcoming tour, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

“There are things that I can’t do. I won’t be performing this on this tour because I don’t want to,” she told the mag. “It’s like when you smell a scent and it takes you back to a place that maybe wasn’t the best place. That stuff is a little bit more difficult.”

Plus, she totally blew him off after the Met Gala.

“They had communicated via text the day of the Met Gala and he was under the impression that they would be seeing each other at the Up & Down after-party,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“He was really exited to see Selena and impress her with his sharp new look, and she ended up being a complete no-show,” the source continued. “Her explanation was she simply changed her mind.”

It is a woman’s prerogative, after all.

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