Andy Cohen can't possibly be surprised that RHOBH fans are turning on him too

May 6, 2016 at 4:09 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Andy Cohen found himself in some hot water with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans after the way he handled the latest reunion episode. Many viewers thought that he protected Yolanda Foster and spent a lot of time attacking Lisa Vanderpump.

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While Cohen maintains that he treated everyone fairly and that every one of the Housewives got their equal share in voicing their opinions, most fans didn’t buy it. And I think they all have a point. Cohen has obvious favorites in every Housewives franchise, and that is clear to see during each reunion. I do think it’s strange that Vanderpump isn’t his favorite when she’s providing the most money for Bravo, thanks to RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules.

More interesting than the fans’ reactions, though, is the fact that Cohen acted shocked by it all on Twitter. He called it “exhausting” to constantly have to field requests to fire certain women or the hate he receives. Except that very passion is what has built him an empire. He encourages catty behavior and drunken fights from the Housewives, and instigates a lot of arguments on the reunion shows. He can’t be surprised that fans of the show are starting to display the same kind of behavior.

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The Housewives shows used to be about glitz and glamor. They used to go on fun girl trips, do wacky things and then have the occasional fight with their husbands. Now, every episode is a continuation of the last episode’s argument. They’re very rarely laughing and having fun together. Most of the time it’s just straight-up gossip sessions. Cohen and the other producers of the show have to know that they’re going to get the same kind of behavior from fans.

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Maybe fans would be less passionate if he just admitted to his favorites. It would be much easier to watch if he just said from the start that he was going to protect Foster (or Vicki Gunvalson, or Ramona Singer) and everyone knew to take his questions with a grain of salt. Or maybe all of this Twitter drama is great for his ratings and he’s a media mastermind, which is entirely possible.