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Buckle up, The Originals fans — Season 3 is bringing more death and heartbreak

Everything I’ve heard about The Originals Season 3 finale has me in a puddle of anxious excitement. It’s going to be good.

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This show doesn’t mess around, and according to Charles Michael Davis, who plays the vampire Marcel in the series, there’s plenty of emotion for the show to dish out in the last three episodes.

Of course, last week we watched Cami (spoiler alert!) finally meet her death after it was teased multiple times this season.

And, as heartbreaking as it was, keep in mind that in the world of The Originals, anything is possible. Death is definitely not the end.

“In our world, no one’s truly dead,” Davis said. “You know, people can come back. I think it’s one of those things, at this point, yeah, Cami is definitely dead. None of us really know what the future holds just, in general. I don’t think we can really say either way.”

And while death may not be the end for some characters on the show, that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard to see fan favorites leave. And Cami was not the last this season.

“I can tell you the way I see it, that they are big deaths,” Davis teased about who was going to bite the dust in the final three episodes.

He added, “There’ve already been a lot of deaths, who more can we kill off? But that’s the thing, the people are still at odds in New Orleans, the families and everyone with Lucian and other characters. That’s the surprising thing. It’s like Clue. Who’s next? Who could we afford to lose?”

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One person Marcel definitely isn’t willing to lose is Davina, whose life is hanging in the balance heading into tonight’s episode after Kol drained her blood in a curse-induced rage.

“Marcel is determined and he’s going to have to consult with a witch. The most powerful witches and the most experienced witches are Kol, Vincent and Freya, so we’ll see which one of those he goes to for help. But it’ll definitely involve some of the witches,” Davis explained.

Beyond tonight’s episode, Davis said Marcel will face a major betrayal before the end of the Season 3 finale. And that will be a breaking point or a tragedy that will push Marcel to face some of his biggest blind spots when it comes to the Mikaelsons and Marcel’s relationship with them.

“The writers have done a really, really great job of keeping us surprised,” Davis said.

He continued that this season has been a very personal journey for him as well.

“I’m really excited for [fans] to see how much I put into the character,” Davis explained. “For me personally, I really had a journey this season of learning and growing.”

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He added, “I’ve always come into the show going ‘I just want people to feel something when I’m on screen,’ and I think that happens in these last three episodes.”

Which characters do you think are on the chopping block leading up to the Season 3 finale?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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