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You dating Drake or Leonardo DiCaprio? Please make up your mind, Rihanna

It’s getting tough to keep up with Rihanna’s relationship status.

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Even though she told Ellen DeGeneres in February that she was sticking to single life for a while, RiRi’s been linked to a number of stars since then. And now, after being spotted tons of times getting cozy with rumored fling-turned-BF Leonardo DiCaprio, a new report says Rihanna is back with Drake instead.

What’s more, the source that revealed this new info says RiRi and Drake have been secretly dating for months. That’s big news, because that would mean all that flirting we’ve been following between Rihanna and DiCaprio has been bunk.

Rihanna was in Los Angeles Wednesday night performing on her Anti world tour. Drake joined her onstage, and according to New York Magazine, they were very close onstage. Another source told People magazine that they went out after the show and danced together all night. Hmm.

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This comes right after Rihanna and DiCaprio were spotted partying together at both Coachella and in Las Vegas, where they left a party separately but ended up back together at the same hotel, sparking some serious speculation about their seemingly more-than-just-friends relationship status.

But now there’s this new info about Drake, just days after DiCaprio was spotted leaving Justin Bieber’s party with a leggy brunette who was definitely not Rihanna. The plot thickens.

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Either way, we hope Rihanna comes clean about which man is her man soon. All this speculating and back-and-forth is driving us a little crazy.

Who do you think is Rihanna’s boo? Drake? Leonardo DiCaprio? None of the above? Head down to the comments and tell us what you think.

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