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Back off, Sister Wives‘ Kody Brown — Meri doesn’t need to be berated by you

In a sneak peak of Sunday’s season premiere of Sister Wives, Kody Brown confronts legal ex-wife (still spiritual first wife) Meri Brown about her online infidelity. In a video obtained exclusively by People, Kody says, “You didn’t want to be out of the family, you just wanted to be out of your relationship with me.”

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If Kody has been watching the same show that the rest of us have been watching for the past six seasons, it is clear why Meri might want to get out of her relationship with him. Yes, she agreed to a polygamist marriage, but for over 20 years, she has been in a relationship with a completely thoughtless husband. From Season 1 on, Meri has been slighted by her husband over and over. During their anniversary trip, he wanted her to decide if having another of his children was important to her, in spite of the fact that he has several children with all of his other wives.

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In spite of Kody’s neglect, however, Meri has remained in their family, and I can’t help but wonder why she needed to spell it out to him just how terrible he has been. As Kody seems to be completely taken by surprise, Meri confesses of her online affair, “If you and I had taken better care of our relationship, then I wouldn’t have been in such a vulnerable place and I would have been open to other friendships that wouldn’t lead to this kind of deception and evil.”

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I wish I could say that this is just the wake-up call that Kody Brown needs to take care of his first wife, but after all of the sacrifices she has made for him, including getting a legal divorce so he could marry fourth wife (and clear favorite) Robyn, I don’t think he really cares to be a better husband to Meri. I wonder if this upcoming season will be her last as a sister wife.

What do you think? Is Kody out of line?

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