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The Catch: Margot’s new job will so come back to bite Benjamin in the ass

We all saw that twist ending coming a mile away, didn’t we? Still, that didn’t stop my jaw from hitting the floor during the final seconds of The Catch this week.

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The build-up was subtle enough: While Alice, Val and Agent Dao are learning all they can about the Kensington Firm (aka the European crime syndicate that Benjamin can’t — or won’t — escape), Rhys and Margot are plotting to take down Alice. They don’t seem to have figured out that Benjamin is sleeping with her again, but they seem confident that she already knows too much.

But what does Alice know? Margot’s determined to find out — by posing as Alice’s new therapist.

It’s unclear whether Margot is Val’s therapist, too, or if Alice got a referral. (If she is Val’s therapist, wow, has she been playing the long game!) But no matter what the (admittedly implausible) logistics are, this is a pretty brilliant plan on Margot’s part. After all, what better way to get someone to spill the beans than to pose as someone with an ethical obligation to be trustworthy and keep confidences.

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It’s a good thing this show is fiction, because how terrifying would it be for your therapist to not only not be a real therapist, but instead to be someone who’s trying to con you and maybe even kill you?

Alice definitely has reasons to be worried. Rhys hasn’t been on The Catch for long and we already know that he’s a manipulative sadist willing to sabotage anyone who stands in the way of his greed. It seems likely that he’s the mastermind behind Margot’s new disguise, and whatever the siblings learn about Alice will no doubt be used to take down her company, ruin her newly recovered relationship with Benjamin and put her life in jeopardy.

But Alice isn’t the only one in danger here. As soon as Margot finds out that Alice and Benjamin are sleeping together again — and that they’re even revisiting the idea of marriage — Benjamin’s future with Kensington may be in serious trouble. After all, Margot isn’t just Benjamin’s boss. She’s his lover, the person who has stood by him for years, quite possibly the person who truly knows him better than anyone else. She will be crushed when she discovers the extent of his relationship with Alice, and… well, you know what they say about scorned women.

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With only a few episodes left in the season, there’s no way Margot can keep up her facade for long. My guess? Her poker face will falter as soon as Alice opens up about her secret dates with Benjamin and the love that they clearly still feel for each other. Whether Margot takes her ire out on Alice or Benjamin remains to be seen, though it’s likely that neither of them will be safe. And once Rhys finds out the truth? All bets are off.

I was starting to get worried about The Catch holding my interest for the final few episodes, but this twist has me reinvested. I am so worried for Alice and Benjamin’s safety, and I’ll be on pins and needles until we find out what, exactly, Alice is about to spill in her first therapy session.

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