Camille Grammer’s legal battle brings to light abuse claims against Kelsey Grammer

Camille Grammer’s legal battle with ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos, who allegedly assaulted her in a hotel room in 2013, has now brought some new details about her past relationship with ex-husband Kelsey Grammer to light.

Camille’s psychiatrist, Dr. Bethany Tucker, revealed that Camille was abused both verbally and physically by Kelsey, according to court documents seen by the Daily Mail Online.

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Camille is currently suffering from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder following the alleged hotel assault by Charalambopoulos. The former couple has been locked in a suit and counter-suit for more than two years ever since Camille accused her ex of the assault and he lashed back with a defamation suit that she, in turn, countered.

Tucker was deposed on April 6 as part of Charalambopoulos’ bid to prove Camille’s allegations of assault as fabricated.

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Reading from notes taken during a session with her patient on Jan. 6 2012, Tucker told the lawyers in the deposition, “Patient realizing the abuse she took from Kelsey and how it affected her.”

She explained, “She was dealing with the custody battle with the kids. So sometimes — she felt she had… some verbal abuse.”

“Patient concerned about lies Kelsey is saying about her…” she also noted.

Camille was married to the Frasier star from 1997 to 2011 and started seeing her therapist, Tucker, in 2005.

During another session, the doctor told lawyers, Camille told her about “an incident where Kelsey Grammer grabbed her arm or injured her shoulder.” Tucker said that the incident took place before she began seeing Camille.

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The deposition has emerged as an exhibit filed by Charalambopoulos’ lawyers on Friday as part of a motion to compel Camille to share wide-ranging documents, including medical records and papers relating to her divorce from Kelsey. Camille’s legal team designated Tucker as a rebuttal expert in Charalambopoulos’ defamation suit and the psychiatrist was deposed on April 6 of this year. Now attorneys for Charalambopoulos are pushing for fuller disclosure of the doctor’s dealings with Camille prior to the alleged assault.

Tucker also revealed that she prescribed Camille Klonopin in 2011 when she was “struggling with divorce issues and a custody battle [and] sometimes she couldn’t sleep.”

Across multiple sessions following the alleged assault, Tucker described Camille as suffering from anxiety, depression, panic, eating issues and irritable bowel syndrome. On one occasion, the doctor noted, she expressed suicidal thoughts, though had formed no actual plan.

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