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Team Noah ditches the drama on American Grit

American Grit is allegedly all about personal toughness and determination, but a contestant with great athletic skill and mental game can still suffer if his or her team fails to work together. This has become abundantly clear these past few weeks, as Noah Galloway’s amazing team has repeatedly won evolution challenges. Thus, while two of the teams are down to three contestants and one has just two contenders left, Team Noah has all four of its original members.

Team Noah
Image: Fox

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The members of Team Noah have a way of letting frustration just roll off their backs. This quality helps them get through stressful evolution challenges in a snap, and the rest of the time, it keeps them from devolving into pointless bickering. This is a rare feat on a reality TV show that inspires hard-core drama among the rest of its participants. Granted, the members of Team Noah haven’t yet had to face the anxiety of the Circus, which can quickly tear even a seemingly cooperative team apart. Still, it’s hard to imagine them suddenly stabbing one another in the back if forced to deal with the show’s crazy obstacle course.

Team Noah in the Tub
Image: Fox

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Team Noah’s amazing ability to avoid drama was especially evident tonight, when Team Nick was essentially conspiring to bully the winning team. The members of Team Noah were well aware that some sort of drama was going on with Team Nick, but they chose not to let it affect them. Instead, they focused on enjoying a relaxing session in the hot tub. Granted, at this point they didn’t have to worry about the impending Circus, but even if they had, their approach probably would have been the same: Chill out, avoid drama and tackle each challenge as it presents itself. Viewers greatly admire this mentality, as they made clear on Twitter tonight.

Even Team Nick’s Cam Zagami had high praise for his rivals, as he couldn’t help but compare their streak to one he’s quite familiar with as a wrestler.

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It’s incredibly refreshing to see a group of reality show contestants actually work together to achieve a common goal. Because the members of Team Noah choose to keep outside drama at bay, they are able to channel all of their mental energy into the task at hand. The result? An undefeated team that is very likely to score yet another victory next week.

What do you think of Team Noah? Do you admire their team-first mentality? Or have they merely been able to avoid drama because they haven’t faced the stress of the Circus? Comment and share your opinion below.

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