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Kylie Jenner’s musical debut is… well, it isn’t awesome

One of the criticisms that’s often leveled against the Kardashian-Jenner clan is that they “don’t do anything.” Kylie Jenner, more than any of her sisters, is the antithesis of that (already false) claim. She has her own cosmetics line, she has a clothing line with Pac Sun, an endorsement deal with Puma and now… she may even have a singing career. Some of those things may do better than the others.

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As Us Weekly reports, Jenner appears on a hip-hop remix of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song (yep), mixed by producer Burberry Perry. Rapper Lil Yachty is on the track and Jenner doesn’t come in until near the end.
You can hear her giggling with friends Jordyn Woods — who I bet you already know from her Snapchat — and Justine Skye.

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Jenner’s voice is autotuned, but still recognizable, singing words from the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” she sings. After a giggle fit, she seems to apologize for the song’s existence, “We are so sorry. We are so sorry.”

It’s exactly the type of silly, fun song you’d record with friends as a teenager — but you weren’t as famous as Kylie Jenner. I have a feeling someone is getting a long chat from her momager today.

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