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Law & Order: SVU wants to prove how unrealistic The Bachelor really is

After 17 seasons, we’re used to Law & Order: SVU stories being ripped from the headlines, but next week’s episode, “Assaulting Reality,” is taking its cues from the world of the unscripted; more specifically, the reality show blockbuster The Bachelor.

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SVU has taken on reality TV before, with a 19 Kids and Counting-inspired plot line. But something tells me that this upcoming whodunit will be a match made in heaven, combining two long-running hits that consistently draw in big audiences.

Next week, the most no-nonsense squad on television — headed up by the biggest badass woman on TV — will have some questions for the most sought-after man on the small screen.

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Olivia and company get assigned to the crime scene aka the set of the popular dating show called Heart’s Desire where, of course, a bevy of young women will do anything to prove they’re rose-worthy enough to be chosen by the handsome, single guy-prize.

Apparently, the wining and dining goes too far. Suddenly, lighthearted reality romance lands in SVU territory, after one of the contestants claims, on national television, that her evening between the sheets with the man of her dreams was not consensual. Was she forced into making the sex tape or is she embarrassed that it aired on TV and is now trying to save her rep? SVU wants answers.

Image: Michael Parmelee/NBC

“It’s a reality show. There is no reality,” says the host of the fictional show.

I think we all know this to be true, yet still choose to believe on some level that these programs are unscripted and the contestants are just like us, or could be. Even though participants aren’t handed dialogue, they are led into situations conducive to theatrics and fed ideas on how to react. I hear-tell that it is suggested to many reality stars that if they don’t step up their tantrums/high jinks/turmoil game, they’ll get the boot.

I’m glad SVU will be showing the behind-the-scenes drama as well as the Machiavellian tendencies of creators of those types of shows, and the desperation for attention of the contestants.

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Something tells me Benson and her gang will not be falling for the handsome bachelor’s charms or seduced by their chance at 15 minutes of fame.

“Are you filming this? Get this camera outta here,” shout Benson and Tutuola.

Let’s all say that nice and loud. Maybe TV execs will hear and all those kinds of shows will go the way of Heart’s Desire. “You have the right to remain silent.”

Law & Order: SVU taking on The Bachelor — will you be watching where the roses fall?

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