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The Kim Kardashian nude selfie debate continues, and no one’s 100 percent right

It seems that every month or so, Kim Kardashian does something that momentarily breaks the internet. Usually, it has to do with her showing off her gorgeous curves in a way that some people consider very scandalous. That was the case when Kardashian posted a photo of her naked bod on Instagram. Though she used black bars to keep the image PG-13 on the app, it seemed like just about everyone had an opinion on whether Kardashian should show so much skin — and the conversation hasn’t died out yet.

Chloë Grace Moretz wasn’t a fan of the NSFW selfie, believing that it gave girls the wrong impression about what garnered likes and popularity — something she recently reiterated in her June interview with Glamour. However, Ariel Winter saw the selfie as body positive, and took to Instagram to seemingly respond to Moretz’s controversial comments.
It’s interesting that Moretz and Winter are considered to be on opposite sides of this debate, because in reality, these young women both have the same goal: to make all women feel confident in their own skin. That’s why neither woman is 100 percent right or wrong.

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Moretz makes a great point when she says women shouldn’t buy into the idea that nudity or overt sexiness is the way to score popularity points or even feel more confident. We often hear stories of young women whose nude photos circulate without their permission, so it makes perfect sense for Moretz to caution young women about the implications of putting it all out there online. But that doesn’t invalidate Winter’s point about Kardashian’s selfie being inherently body positive. Clearly, Kardashian has no qualms about showing her body off, so why should she be shamed for doing so?

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Ultimately, whether you think Kardashian’s selfie is good or bad for women depends on how you interpret it. Kardashian clearly sees the image as a statement about loving her body, and if that’s how she wants people to view it, then whose right is it to discourage her? At the same time, Kardashian’s photo doesn’t exist in a bubble. Instead of viewing this image as a symbol of body love, some people see this as Kardashian giving her image up to the world and self-objectifying her own body. Does it matter how other people see this photo? Winter would say not, but it’s certainly part of the reason why Moretz isn’t totally in the wrong, despite Kardashian’s best intentions with the picture.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s NSFW selfie? Sound off in the comments.

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