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Dear CBS, let me solve your budget problems — cancel Supergirl

After a lackluster Season 1, rumor has it that CBS is pondering whether or not Supergirl is worth the huge budget it is siphoning out of the networks funds. I’d like to publicly declare: It isn’t.

According to The Wrapsources say that CBS is still in negotiations with Warner Bros. TV to decide whether or not the series is worth its gargantuan $3 million per episode licensing fee, being that ratings rapidly declined throughout the first season. It still remains unclear if CBS will move forward with the Warner Bros. show by negotiating a smaller licensing fee, or just ax it altogether. The network is set to announce their fall lineup in two weeks, so the clock is ticking.

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Fans have also suggested saving Supergirl by moving it over to The CW, where it might have an easier time reaching its demographic. However, there would likely be an even bigger budget cut for the show if it switched networks, as it’s well known that similar comic shows already established on The CW — like The Flash — are already operating under a smaller budget than Supergirl.

My question is, what exactly is all that Supergirl money even being used on? Several outlets have reported that it has one of the highest budgets of any freshman TV show ever, but with the low quality of the series, it’s hard to understand what that cash is being spent on. The cast, though talented, doesn’t consist of any huge names, the special effects leave much to be desired, they’re certainly not spending any money on villain makeup and costuming and the writing, well, I sure hope that’s not where all the funds are going.

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If CBS really is considering cutting the budget of this already uber cheesy, ill-written show, things are only going to get worse — and if that’s the case, it’s probably just time to call curtains on Supergirl altogether.

What do you think? If CBS needs to cut the Supergirl budget to bring it back, will it even be worth it?

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