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Channing Tatum announced big plans for Magic Mike & we’re hoping to see big things

Channing Tatum has heard all of our prayers and is giving all of us exactly what we’ve been hoping for — Magic Mike live in Vegas. In his first ever Facebook Live event, Tatum announced that the show will run at the Hard Rock Hotel in March 2017. That sounds like a long time, but it’s really him doing us a kindness. We have to prepare ourselves!

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In his Facebook event, Tatum introduced his viewers to the cast of the show, and all of them were as beautiful as you would expect from a Magic Mike production. He also told fans that they should expect some cameos, which means some incredibly lucky audience members will get to see Channing Tatum dance and strip live and in person.

If anyone from the Hard Rock reads this and wants to hook me up with tickets for that night, tweet me.

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There’s already a site live for the show,, but the tickets aren’t for sale just yet. You can sign up for exclusive first looks, which is worth it if it means pictures of shirtless Channing Tatum.

The site also offers a section for the audience to give their input on what happens in the show. Tatum talked about how he wants this show to revolutionize male entertainment to be more focused on the audience and what they want. He said he wants the show to be a conversation more than anything.

A man who can dance, act and listens. He might actually be perfect.

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We can expect more updates and behind-the-scenes info from Tatum and the whole Magic Mike crew on his Facebook page. For now, it’s time to start booking rooms and travel arrangements!

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