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Hey, Carey Hart, Pink’s going to need you to put out tonight

The road to true love did not run smooth for Pink and Carey Hart, but her recent joke about the state of their marriage might speak volumes about the current state of their relationship.

Pink and Hart broke up twice — once nearly ending in divorce — before finally reuniting for their happily ever after. But as they’ve found out, life after having children isn’t exactly a fairy tale.

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“We take breaks. We’ve had two breaks,” Pink explained during an appearance on Ellen. “The first one was about a year. And the second one was 11 months.”

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While they just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in January, Pink joked a bit ominously that they are “due” for another split. Then she shared a story that revealed the thrill might be gone — and it’s a situation a lot of couples who are married with children can relate to.

“He always falls asleep putting Willow to bed. The other night I said, ‘Are you going to stay up tonight?’ And he said, ‘I would like to.’ I said, ‘I don’t really know what that means. Should I light candles and open wine and put on a show? Like, are we going big here? Or are you going to fall asleep again?” Pink told DeGeneres. “So I lit the candles and opened the wine and an hour and a half later [he’s asleep]… can’t he just stay awake? He sucks.”

It’s a good thing he has some redeeming qualities. “He’s very, very handsome,” she shared. “He’s an incredible dad. That’s why he falls asleep. Because she wants him to stay.”

Maybe there’s still hope for these two crazy kids to make it after all!

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