Grey’s Anatomy: Can Callie and Penny please just break up already?

In an interview with TVLine, Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd discussed tomorrow night’s episode, which focuses on the custody battle between Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins over their daughter, Sofia. I am still trying to understand how it is that these two characters haven’t reunited, so I have yet to accept that Penny is now Callie’s top priority. Wasn’t it just a few episodes ago that Callie discovered Penny’s connection to Dr. Derek Shepherd’s death?

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While McKidd directed this episode, calling it “a really wonderful courtroom drama, like Kramer vs. Kramer,” I am suspicious of any details that may emerge to convince me to see Callie’s side of things. Arizona has been blindsided by Callie’s sudden desire to move across the country, taking their daughter away from the only home she has ever known to impulsively follow her younger girlfriend as she completes a one-year fellowship.

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McKidd offers spoilers about the possible effect of Penny’s testimony on the future of her relationship with Callie, saying that while Penny does her best, “it doesn’t go as planned, and that causes problems.” Can they just break up already? Is there really a relationship that new that could withstand the pressure of a custody battle?

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What do you think? Should Callie and Penny break up?


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