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Oh come on, Beyoncé didn’t need Jay Z to accompany her to the Met Gala

Beyoncé arrived at the 2016 Met Gala sans Jay Z, and, of course, his absence was noticed. But it really shouldn’t have been such a big deal.

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Beyoncé is a strong, independent woman, and she certainly does not need a date, which is why we find it so hard to believe that she reportedly “begged” her husband to accompany her to the prestigious event.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life that Jay Z flat-out refused to attend the event.

“Jay wanted no part of Met,” a source told the publication. “HOV didn’t want to be bombarded with questions from every which way. He didn’t want Beyoncé’s celebrity girlfriends giving him the side-eye and treating him like dirt because of Lemonade. He didn’t want his boys who attended to blame him for all the flack their girls are giving him over Bey’s songs. And he certainly didn’t want to see Solange, given what happened to him in that elevator.”

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There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the couple in recent weeks after Beyoncé dropped her latest album, Lemonade, with one of the tracks “Sorry” alluding to her husband’s infidelity. So yes, he probably didn’t want to have all eyes on him, but that’s not really the issue here. The issue is that, according to the source, Beyoncé begged her husband to attend the event.

“Beyoncé begged him to come. She low key wanted to see him squirm under all the pressure he’d be under,” the source said. “But he didn’t have the guts to come and even told Beyoncé he was feeling sick earlier in the day. She knew he was lying about being sick but she didn’t spend too much time trying to twist his arm. She was too excited preparing for the gala.”

I struggle to believe that Bey would be so vindictive, especially since the couple recently proved just how happy and in love they still are — Bey recently dedicated a song to her “beautiful husband” — plus she seemed to have a great time on her own.

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But what do you think? Is there really any reason to believe that Jay Z didn’t attend the Met Gala for any other reason than 1. he didn’t feel like it or 2. he’s done it all before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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