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We didn’t think it could be done, but Michelle Obama made NCIS better

Michelle Obama guest starred on NCIS, and the audience couldn’t have been more pleased, proving, once again, that we should just keep her and Barack in the White House indefinitely. Normally, these guest appearances by politicians only serve to push an agenda, and fans usually hate it, but because the First Lady is amazing, she won over even the most die-hard NCIS fans.

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The episode did serve to highlight Joining Forces, an organization started by Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, that helps support the families of members of the service. The show’s writers decided to integrate the organization into an episode of NCIS and figured they’d see if Obama was interested in working with them. As the talks started to turn into plans, the easiest way to film with the First Lady was for the film crew to go to the White House. They became the first film production to film in the White House!

Even if the episode didn’t resonate with fans, at least they had made history. But the response was overwhelmingly positive for both the storyline and Obama’s guest appearance.

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All of this leads me back to the question of why we have to lose her as the First Lady? She’s been such a strong advocate of some amazing organizations and initiatives, including Joining Forces and Let’s Move, a program aimed at combating childhood obesity. The way that she raises awareness for these issues, by going on popular television shows and enlisting the help of popular influencers, just shows how in-touch she is with pop culture and also with people’s biggest concerns.

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I don’t think we’re ready to lose her. Especially not if the alternative is Mrs. Trump. I mean, I’m sure she’s a fine lady, but no one is Michelle Obama, and I just don’t want to see her go.

Did you see her guest appearance on NCIS? What did you think? Let me know!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

NCIS guest stars slideshow
Image: CBS

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