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Lisa Vanderpump’s husband has to stop disrespecting the other housewives

During the third part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Andy Cohen turned the conversation from the women’s behavior to Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd.

Before Andy asked Vanderpump how she felt about the way Ken spoke to her cast mates, we were able to watch a montage of Ken repeatedly attacking the women — both to their faces and behind their backs. Lisa Rinna seemed to get the brunt of it this season, with Ken calling her a wanker, crazy, stupid, a silly cow, proclaiming she isn’t the full ticket and is a stupid bitch.

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Rinna clearly took issue with Ken’s comments and came prepared with notes to the reunion of every name Ken had called her.

In past seasons, Yolanda Hadid has been on the receiving end with Ken calling her stupid and even grabbing her arm. This season, he was only caught on camera saying the Lyme disease survivor “looked terrible” because she showed up to a dinner party without makeup. He even made fun of Kyle Richards for wearing loose-fitted dresses, calling them muumuus and saying she had a bad fashion sense.

For a couple that parades their affluence the way that they do, you would think they would know the difference between what is acceptable and what isn’t. But Vanderpump stood by her man when confronted by Andy Cohen and the ladies. Each time she was asked if she agreed with the offensive things Ken said, she simply replied with something passive like, “Well that is his opinion,” or “I can’t change him.”

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Even in the footage, Vanderpump can be seen laughing while Ken slurred Rinna. The most she said to him was “You can’t say that,” but Ken just replied, “Of course I can.”

But Andy brought up a very good point: If it were the other way around, if Lisa Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, had called Vanderpump a wanker or a stupid bitch, would that too be OK?

Vanderpump ultimately agreed that of course she would be angry — and it’s safe to say Ken wouldn’t like it either.

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When it comes to Rinna, perhaps his intentions were to defend his wife, to have her back, but he could have done that without reducing himself to disrespecting another woman in the process. Plus, did he forget he willingly signed up to have those types of conversations filmed for reality TV? Shouldn’t he be a little more self-aware by now, with this being his sixth season on the show and all?

Ken seems to be at a lot of housewife-only events, while all the other husbands were probably working on playing golf. Perhaps the lines started to blur for him, or maybe he got a little too comfortable with the other women. Either way, it’s time for Ken to take a seat and zip it.

Do you think Ken crossed the line?

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